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Welcome to Collective Gallery & Art Project Space

'Nurturing talent, inspiring creativity and making art and culture accessible for all'


Located in the heart of St Albans City, Collective is a unique artistic hub. An artist run gallery and art project space  for local artists and the wider community to imagine, create and enjoy. 

The vision of this unique setting is to provide opportunities for local artists, students and volunteers to develop their skills and gain knowledge with a view to progressing their personal development.

Our aim is to nurture creative talents and build a community of artists and local residents. Alongside this we aim to engage new audiences in contemporary arts particularly underrepresented groups and  those who have barriers to participation, as well as promoting emotional well being through the arts. Through our range of events and workshops we seek to explore the positive effects that the arts can have on our emotional well being.

The aim of the project is to engage with a wide range of artists and audiences through focused exhibitions,events and workshops, providing a safe, nurturing space where a community of artists can be built and creative talent can flourish. Collective will be an opportunity for local artists and volunteers to develop skills and gain knowledge for their own professional development. Working in the arts and having the opportunity to experience arts should not be about privilege. The aim of Collective is to diversify the arts and support inclusive growth. The focus of the project is on connecting under represented communities and individuals within the arts and specifically St Albans.


We will be celebrating the richness and diversity through a wide range of art exhibitions, creative activities for families and young people. There will be a programme of activities dedicated to stimulating new perspectives on the value of diversity within arts and society. It is widely accepted that BAME artists and professionals are greatly underrepresented and therefore Collective will be taking positive action to engage individuals specifically from BAME backgrounds. Our aim is to inspire excellence and support the development of new and emerging talent within the local area. 

We invite creatives to participate in our program of exhibitions, educational projects, workshops, residencies, events and screenings. 

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