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Fragile Blossoms by Amna Rehan

Acrylic on Canvas

18" x 24"


Amna Rehan Artist Biography


As a teenager, Amna found it easy to expree herself with colours and paintings as opposed to words. So being an artist was an early dream for her. Amna graduated from Art school but never had the chance to practice her art, over time she lost the confidence in her ability to paint.

It took Amna around 20 years to actually start painting once again and feel confident about her work. She now feels at peace because she has surrounded herself once again with paints and even given herself an artist name AmRe.

Amna describes her art work as "paintings are just me....deep inside. Far away from everyday stress and anxieties. Just happy thoughts"

Fragile Blossoms by Amna Rehan

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