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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We are pleased to announce our art cooperation with the UK's based art-community project Collective gallery and Art Project Space in St. Albans. You can look forward to a week full of Taboo, erotic art that you may know from the book Bohemian Taboo Stories, new projects and fresh ideas that Bohemian Taboo will soon present to you in the Czech Republic as well. Thank you very much for your cooperation and support on this unique Czech - abroad project:

Artists Kobayashi JANAJPU Born !n Porn Hedonist

Photographers and illustrators of Bohemian Taboo Stories book: Myokard Martina Kurková Nožičková Martin Faltejsek Daniel Kurz Václav Jirásek Danny Worm Petr Jedinák Lucie Kout Robert Rambousek Milan Mošna Leah Takata Bet Orten Henryk Mrejzek Katastrofé Bohemia is the westernmost and largest historical region of Czech Republic. There is great history in erotic art in Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia or Austria-Hungary before. We give to the world such a great erotic artist as Alfons Mucha, Frantisek Drtikol, Jan Saudek, Toyen, Robert Vano and many others. The first ever erotic movie in history was the movie Ecstasy by Gustav Machaty from 1933. Also, our present-days are full of sexual and erotic adventures. One of the adventure’s name is Bohemian Taboo.

Bohemian Taboo Stories – Book about people, who do something sexy‘, is a book aiming to contribute to destigmatisation of taboo eroticism or human sexuality as well as to discourse on true moral values in a society where eroticism and sex usually appear as another issue, instead of dealing with the true problems. The book is a collection of twenty interesting stories of people from Prague, The Czech Republic, who found the courage to get to know themselves as well as their bodies and their true erotic needs and, in their profession or leisure time, chose a direction which eroticism and sex is, in one way or another, reflected, whether directly. To be found in the Bohemian Taboo Stories book, are stories of people from the most varied spheres. From scientists working for the Laboratory of evolution sexology and psychopathology within the National Institute of Mental Health, historians, actors, artists, performers, writers, psychologists, photographers, sexual assistants to organizers of fetish events and many other. The readers therefore have an opportunity to identify with some of those Stories which could show them a way to come to terms with themselves and to live in harmony with their inner disposition in a manner that would not lead to hurting others as well as themselves owing to barriers which they constructed within themselves as a result of social conventions and stereotypes and which do not allow them to live their lives fully or, worse still, make them feel traumatized by guilt or shame. They will also be able to gain a deeper understanding of people who are wrongly described as deviants and perceived as dangerous or at least strange. Bohemian Taboo's aim is to open discussion on these issues, educate the public about erotic art, help create a better educational program, and encourage individuals and artists who feel frustrated by public censorship and prejudice. The book is also accompanied with illustrations and photographs, and in terms of content and graphics it has been one of the most interesting books on the book market in recent years. Our planned activities have unfortunately been disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, but we expect to have talks and pop-up exhibitions, among other things, coming up in the near future. Bohemian Taboo company is currently processing numerous other themes and experiences of interesting people and new topics are constantly coming in. It is therefore very likely the book will have a sequel. Although people whose stories are presented in the book come from or live in the Czech Republic, the theme in question is universal and relevant also within the international context, above all, within the transatlantic civilization. For this reason, we would like to translate Bohemian Taboo Stories in to English. Bohemian Taboo Stories book had great publicity with excelent reviews in local media and also public. Our book succeed at International Festival Of Erotic Arts 2020 and Seattle Erotic Art Festival and samples from the book was published at their Literary Art Anthology 2020. Enjoy our small taste of Bohemian Taboo.

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