sarah gidden

Sarah is a fine artists specialising in oils. Her work is figurative and her style is realistic with elements of abstraction. She aims to create certain atmospheres through her use of light and colour. The soft light and blurred brush strokes evoke a serene and clam feel in her paintings of the female form.The blue and aquamarine colours and swirling brushstrokes create the other worldliness of being submerged beneath the water in her series of swimming pool paintings.

Sarah is currently working on a series of large underwater portraits of swimmers, which when viewed together, transport the viewer to a coll and calm underwater world.

Refraction and reflections of light, colour and pattern provide an escape from everyday life and routines. These works will be exhibited in 2021.

Sarah has a Ba Hons in Fine Art and is a qualified art teacher currently working with both primary and secondary school children in St Albans


amna rehan 'amre'

As a teenager, Amna found it easy to express herself with colours and paintings as opposed to words, so becoming an artist was an early dream for her.

Amna graduated from Art school but never had a chance to practice her art, over time she lost the confidence in her ability to paint.

It took Amna around 20 years to finally embrace her skills and feel confident about her work, She now feels at peace because she has surrounded herself once again with paints and embraced her love of art.

Amna describes her work as follows; " paintings are just me.....deep inside. Far away from everyday stress and anxieties, Just happy thoughts".


claire miles

Through her artwork, Claire's aim is to express and celebrate her love of the natural world within her locality and other places which are dear to her. Claire has primarily been working within a variety of printmaking forms. These have included; screen printing, collagraphy and photo acetate etching methods. Claire also uses linocut, monoprint, aquatint and dry point etching.


kirstie tebbs

Kirstie is a multi disciplnary artist inquiring into 'being' and exploring the philosophical ideas of presence, time and substance. The aim in her art is to showcase the idea of 'being' in an interactive installation space through perception, the infinite, absence and presence.

Kirstie is currently studying Ma Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire